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About Stories of Mountain Folk:

Stories of Mountain Folk is an online podcast, website www.storiesofmountainfolk.com, now in it’s eighth year. The site, currently listed on iTunes, is produced to reach a large audience with a goal to save the heritage of  Western North Carolina and preserve its “sense of place.” The podcast features interviews, memories, discussions and stories from Caucasian, African-American, and Cherokee people living in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina. The program is archived within Hunter Library’s Digital Collections, Western Carolina University, coded as to content, copyrighted through the Library of Congress, and available to libraries and for educational and personal access all over the world.

About Catch the Spirit of Appalachia (CSA):

CSA is a 27-year old 501(c)(3) arts and heritage volunteer organization in Jackson County, NC, whose vision is “Planting the seeds of heritage through the arts.” We accomplish this through historical regional murals, publishing local writers, bestowing Appalachian Studies scholarships, encouraging the youth to learn and play mountain music, and by recording oral history and storytelling through Stories of Mountain Folk. Winner of the 2013 Mountain Heritage Award.

Your Contribution:

Through your contribution, support or sponsorship, we are able to produce a professional product  representing the true identity, the creativity, the wisdom, the steadfastness, the history of the Appalachian People. By supporting Stories of Mountain Folk, your company will get exposure though the site and social media, low-cost marketing, and good will.

Types of Contribution:

Mountain Range  $1200 yearly  Display Ad & logo with link to your          webpage; listed on news releases,          advertising, social media; receive a          storytelling CD

Mountain Top   $100 @ month  Logo with link to your webpage;listed on         news releases, advertising, social media;

Blue Ridge    $50 @ month  Logo with link to your webpage.

Laurel Grove   $10 —$50  Receive a storytelling CD


1. Monthly contributions are automatic if you setup the reoccurring donation on our PayPal donate page. 

2. Any donation can be made using PayPal

3.  Laurel Grove is a one time donation.  It can be made on our PayPal Donate page. 

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